Anniversary of the Polish Round Table

Today (February 6) is the anniversary of the Polish “Round Table” –  talks between the communists and Solidarity.

Talks between the communist government and “Solidarity” with Lech Walesa and other opposition politicians in Poland began on February 6. 1989. The meeting ended with an agreement (the so-called Round Table Agreements) signed on April 4, 1989.

The Round Table talks in Poland initiated democratic changes throughout Central and Eastern Europe (among others in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria). The Round Table it also caused the fall of the Berlin Wall and, as a result, the merger of the GDR and Germany.

Finally, The Round Table Agreement initiated the collapse of the Soviet Union and democratic changes in Russia, as well as the regaining of independence by the nations belonging to the USSR (such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus).

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